Rotary Evening Group

REG offers an alternative to our regular weekly lunchtime meetings.

Interested in Rotary and helping in the community but can’t afford the time to come to our regular Monday lunchtime meetings? You may find joining us as a member of our new “Rotary Evening Group” (or REG) is just what you are looking for. REG meets fortnightly as an informal gathering of both women and men in Prado's, Market Hill from 6.30pm. to around 7.45pm.

REG members are Rotarians registered as members of Sudbury Rotary Club and are free to join in with all of the Club activities. As well as being able to contribute to our regular activities (Crucial Crew, Sudbury Christmas Tree Festival, Santa’s Grotto, Concert Evenings, street collections, environmental projects with local Primary schools), REG members have their own set of aims, activities and projects, the most recent of which was “Fit & Fed”, which helped to provide a much needed breakfast and a morning of outdoor activities for youngsters in Primary education during the summer holiday.

Another intended project will be to support a ‘Public Speaker Award’ in conjunction with the Sudbury Speaker Club. Prior to lock-down, two local schools were contacted, and both responded positively to taking part. We very much look forward to initiating this when lock-down eases further.

Rotarians come together to help others whilst enjoying fun and fellowship. We appreciate that time can often be in short supply, but if you can find just a few hours of your time to fit in with your other activities it can bring great satisfaction as well as the opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded people.

If you would like to find out more, please make contact via the link below.

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