Communities Overseas/ Mayaga Water Project

Update March 2020

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Think back to what you did when you got up this morning…maybe you had a shower or a bath, a couple of cups – or maybe a pot – of tea, a pan of water to boil an egg or two which was then thrown into the sink with the washing up water, to be sent to the drainage system?

There are people in the world for whom your morning routine is an unimaginable luxury. If every drop of precious water had to be hand-carried, usually by women and small children, from a crocodile infested lake, 3 miles away, you might wash a little less often or think more carefully before pulling the plug in the sink! This is the situation for the 2500 inhabitants of Mayega, in Northern Tanzania

Don’t overlook the other benefits, either. Not having to trek 6 miles almost every day would allow the ladies and small children time to do something else, like get better educated, grow more food and attain improved hygiene. In fact, the knock-on effects are enormous.

Rotary Elgin has teamed up with Busega Scotland to provide piped water to this isolated community, and have been raising money to do this. Whatever we manage to collect, Rotary International will almost triple that figure, matching every pound donated with nearly £3 of extra funding. Currently we need to raise a further £1,200 to allow this £31,500 project to get started.