Martello Rotary Plant the Station

Members of Martello Rotary install planters on the platform of Seaford station

Getting wet and dirty 14 Martello Rotarians and friends completed phase one of the ‘Seaford Station Community Partnership’.  

Assembling and filling these specially made planters is just the beginning. These planters are of timber similar in shape and size to railway sleepers and so are a great feature on the Seaford platform.

The second phase of this ‘Seaford Station Adoption’ will be Martello Rotary mounting murals painted by local school children, on the theme of ‘Seaford Through the Ages’, on the display panels behind the flower planters.  

This project has been made possible by grants from Southern Trains/Govia, the Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) and Rotary International District 1145 (Rotary South).