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Thu, Feb 20th 2020 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Social Evening + Discussion on "Club Video"

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20 February 2020 30th Charter Video – Allen, Duncan and Stuart

Our 30th Charter is fast approaching and a special occasion that we should make extra effort to celebrate...or so thought Stuart. So we pondered and discussed one evening, should we do a leaflet, PowerPoint presentation to try and cover 30 years of activity?...but we came to the conclusion, using Duncan’s skills, that a rolling video was probably the best solution.

So we 3 and Mike M (now gone to Goa) have been busying ourselves and cajoling others, trying to put something together that reflects all that time and effort in a 15 minute rolling video.  So here’s your chance to influence or contribute to the outcome...we have still got left 2 months to complete this mammoth task.  I’m sure there are some gaps, but it’s not easy to still find those pictures and details that give a sense of what our ethos and achievements have been and what difference it has made to our local community and others internationally.

But let me put things into context first, you will be watching a 15 minute continuous video, which may appear fairly boring, but our vision, yet to be finalised, is that it will be shown in the dining area (not the bar) of The Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club, whilst the Charter takes place. So hopefully people will notice various images or facts that take their eye or ear (there is a sound track to add to the experience, but obviously just background noise) and it can be switched off or muted during the speeches....let’s discuss it.

I would especially appreciate the views of our newer members, who probably see things in a different light to those of us who have been immersed in the Club since its inception.

But over to Duncan and/or Stuart, who I would personally like to thank for their tireless tenacity in putting this together, not forgetting that without Duncan’s considerable skills as a ‘video producer’, none of this would be possible, which he puts down to a Cine camera his grandma bought him for his 21st birthday.

Members generally felt happy with what they had seen, but there were still gaps: litter picking, crocus planting, our own pantomime pictures, last Night of the proms material, Christmas tree event and the information we had already prepared on the 1/3rd of £million that we had donated to a wide range of charities over the 30 years. There were comments about the soundtrack, suggesting that it should be very low background or muted. Rob suggested that we need to ensure all the text is in the same font. It would be nice to have a closing slide saying thank you for attending and supporting our 30th Charter.

Adrian did a short European Union Quiz as Sergeant at Arms and despite the sudden death final question, no winning team was identified so the chocolate prize was shared!                                                AR

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