Projects Overseas

Rotary is an international organisation and we support a number of overseas projects. We raise funds and offer the opportunity to travel to help with these projects. Some of them are:

Seeds for Development
We support this local charity, working in Uganda, helping them build a new school building for a rural community. North Uganda suffered more than 20 years of privation due to the war in the area, and Seeds for Development is helping the poor farming communities to lead a happier and more hopeful life, with regular meals, good education and a safer way of life.The school is the backone of the community and this charity sends 100% of donations to this part of North Uganda.

Update - During the Coronavirus crisis this charity is looking at how to help the community. The urgent need identified was the lack of soap, so they renamed themselves Soap for Development. They bought enough for 1200 vulnerable families and it is now being distributed there by bicycle, since cars and public transport cannot be used. Now the most pressing need is to address the growing problems of hunger and food insecurity.

End Polio Now 

This is a huge international project, spearheaded by Rotary since 1985 and working with the WHO, UNICEF and, recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The total number of cases has been reduced by 99.9% as a result of our efforts, and only a handful of stubborn cases are left. Special events take place every year to raise funds for this project.

Children's Homes in Kerala State (CHIKS)

Farnham based charity, CHIKS, has set up three orphanages in Kerala, India, where they look after offering them healthcare and education to improve their lives. Farms at the schools aim to be self-sufficient and the poorest of the poor in this area of India can live safely in these orphanages and grow to be confident citizens. 

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