Donations sent to the Covid-19 appeals of two local charities

£1,250 has been sent to both ​Prospect Hospice and Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service to help bridge the funding gap both charities are currently experiencing.

Swindon North Rotary Club has made a couple of significant donations to these two local charities from its Community Chest charitable fund.  Prospect Hospice and the Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service have each been given £1,250 to help bridge the funding gap both charities are currently experiencing.

In the last two months the Club has had to cancel four of its fund-raising events due to the Coronavirus crisis.  Two of them were regular annuals – the Swimathon at The Link Centre and the Charity Golf Day at Ogbourne Downs Golf Club.  Those two events would normally raise about £8,000 for the Club’s Community Chest Fund.  Two other events, a Rock and Roll Bingo evening and a Classical Concert given by some members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in Highworth Parish Church also had to be cancelled.  Meanwhile the Rotarians in the Swindon North Club are keeping in touch by means of Zoom and telephone conference calls. 

President Robin Elliott says:  “The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a double blow to almost all charities, causing a huge spike in demand for their services whilst at the same time being responsible for a drying up of their normal income streams.  Despite the loss of four of our fund raising events my fellow members were especially keen that we should send funds to two local charities that are struggling to cope at the moment.  There are so many and it was a difficult to select just two.”

Sheryl Crouch, Head of Income at Prospect said: “18 of our charity shops are closed at the moment and fundraising events are not happening.  Consequently the Hospice has a £2m funding gap and is having to change its service to adapt to the current circumstances.  This donation from the Swindon North Rotary Club is a tremendous boost to our Covid-19 appeal and will help to keep our existing services viable.”

A Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Service spokesperson said:” This donation will be spent on our survivor programmes for women and children and go some way to meet the increased demand we are currently experiencing.”