RotaKids - having fun and making a difference.

RotaKids is a fun and exciting way for children aged 7-11 to make friends and get involved with important activities in the community, while having a great time in the process. By doing so, children enjoy a boost to their confidence and self-esteem at a key age and develop an understanding of how their actions can impact on others.

RotaKids clubs in Sudbury are based in schools and, with the help and support from teachers and Sudbury Rotary Club, children can gain valuable experiences in helping others and learning interesting new things.  They are encouraged to come up with ideas and see them become a reality - they can do just about anything which springs to mind to help others.

Pot Kiln Primary School

After a successful first year, a newly formed RotaKids group met regularly in the Learning Bus and decided to put on a “Frozen Friday” sale one afternoon.  After going shopping with their teacher, they purchased 300 ice creams, which were sold after school. They were delighted to raise £70, which was donated to the children's East Anglian Hospice Charity.

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A key part of our work is to promote the environment and to encourage schools to become aware of the importance of their environment. We also support individual projects in several primary schools.


An outline of how we are supporting the local community through our varied projects.


A key feature of our work is to offer support to local young people in several ways by working with local schools.


Several of our diverse on-going projects aim to make a difference to the less fortunate individuals and communities internationally.


A chance to catch up on news over the past few months.


Crucial Crew 2023 is scheduled for 15th - 19th May, 2023. Having organised the event for 21 years, Sudbury Rotary Club will continue to provide help in future with The Bridge Project taking over the organisation.


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