The Challenges are back. From Saturday 10th Oct, two new ones each day of the school holiday week through to Sunday 18th. Questions and answers from the summer 2020 Challenges are also available here.

Challenges from the school October week are being added to those from the summer time.  As well as a bit of entertainment for theh yooung and not so young the secondary aim was  to increasing awareness of Allander Rotary and the Waypoint/Milngavie Youth Centre.  The challenges are public=shed Allander Rotary's website, Facebook and Twitter pages.  They are also available on The Waypoint Facebook page.   Answers are published on the same pages at the date stated in the challenge.

October Challenges are listed by day with the answers listed in order after the publsihed challenges.

The Summer Challenges are given after the October Week ones with answers listed after so that anyone who has not seen them can try them with a low chance of seeing the answers before trying the challenge.

Challenge #1 on Scottish Places with answers

Challenge #2  World Capitals with answers

Find the Ducks with answers

Challenge #3 on Scottish Places with answers

Find the Golf Balls

Challenge #4  World Capitals with Answers

Challenge #5  Scottish Places with answers

Find the Fish with answers

Challenge 6  World & US Capitals with Answers

Challenge 7 Historical Scottish Counties/Shires and answers

Challenge 8 UK Cities with Answers

Challenge 9 UK Cities with answers

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