Rotary Bingo Quiz.FRIDAY, 30 OCTOBER 2020 FROM 19:30-21:30

Join Hatfield Rotary on line for a fun evening of Bingo Quiz. All funds raised will be going to our Charity Fund to be donated to local charities.

Thank you to Cheatwell for allowing us to use their logo and name:

This will be our third Bingo Quiz. Thank you to those that joined us for our previous quizzes and also for all your suggestions on how to make it an even more enjoyable evening.

Thank you to Cheatwell for allowing us to use their logo and name:

Tickets cost £5 per Zoom login. You can have as many participants as you like on one screen and one login.

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You will need a 5 x 5 grid for each of the two rounds with enough space in each square to put a number and question answer. Don’t forget you will need a writing implement. Draw your grid in advance and put numbers 1 to 25 randomly in the squares. If you do it randomly then each of us should have a different layout of numbers. Do make the layout of the numbers different for each of the grids that are participating on your (logged in) screen

In each round there will be 25 easy questions . After the questions we will play Bingo using the squares and our quiz master will draw out numbers randomly.

We will have two separate 25 question rounds + bingo with an interval part way through to give you the opportunity to top up your drinks.

The winner of the quiz (each of the rounds) will be the person who is the first to get a line of 5 correct answers – the line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal..

Remember it is all for fun!


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