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We support the Food Bank run from St Richard's Church Seacroft

The Story Continued...

Tuesday 27th July 2021

Brendan & I have returned from our Shopping Trip. We delivered it all straight to The Food Bank who kept open for us. 
We bought the following:-  
24 Carnation Milk 
24 Litres Skimmed Long life Milk 
50 410g Baked Beans 
48 Tins Chopped Tomatoes 
24 Tins Kidney Beans 
36 Tinned 354g Chicken 
48 Pot Noodles 
48 326g Sweet Corn 
18x6 Packets of Pasta 
30x500g Tilda Rice 
24x340g Corned Beef 
60x110g Tuna 
Total Cost £350.36 

Brendan & Neale

Thursday 22nd July 2021

At our Club meeting tonight, Members were thanked for their individual cash contributions (usually in lieu of not having to pay for a meal at the weekly meeting) towards further food purchases for the Food Bank. We were all inspired by Cllr. David Jenkins when he spoke to our Club last week, emphasising the real needs of people in his 'constituency'. Neale recently visited the Food Bank, and was distressed by the low state of their stocks. It was agreed that these shoud be supplimented by us with another 'shopping trip' to "COSTCO" as soon as possible. Neale and Brendan agreed to do this ASAP. Bill reported that there had been no offers of food from Giving World recently. We have submitted an application to District 1040 for a further 'Matching Grant' as we did last year.

Friday 1st July 2021

One of the first tasks our new President undertook was to invite our Local City Councillor, David Jenkins, to give a talk to our Club. Here is his (verbatim) reply:

Dear Martyn,

Thank you and thank you and to your members for the fantastic support you continue to give to the Food Bank at St Richards. I am happy to speak – I think later in July would be better…Can I suggest the 15th or 22nd July and I will pencil you in!!


Fri. 11th June 2021

Here is the latest update from the St. Richard's Food Bank manager, Lis, following our latest monetary donation. Our Treasurer, Neale, asked for some details in order to report to our AGM and Club Assembly. This is what she wrote:

Many thanks, again, Neale for your Club’s most generous, donations. Our statistics for May as follows: 290 people fed and 179 Saturday night meals given out. 
We were closed on 4th May to give volunteers, a break. 
Recent stories - we have been helping a family Mum and her 3 children. She had been subjected to domestic abuse. Her father is helping her. Also, last week a family turned up 2,adults and 2 children. They were ashamed to come to a foodbank, but both parents (Business Analysts) had been made redundant due to Pandemic. 
We are having quite a new clients coming for help and a few referrals coming from local schools. Parents asking for help. 
I hope these cases will be of use to you for your report and that your AGM goes well.
Sincere thanks and best wishes, 
from Lis. 
P.S. We are still giving out the Washing Powder the Rotary Club provided which is much appreciated by all. 

Tues. 25th May 2021

Another delivery of food by 4 of our members. We received another pallet stacked high with food (and other items) from Giving World yesterday. The consignment consisted of Bags of Tortilla Chips (different flavours), Oatcakes, Jars of Pasta Sauce, and Packets of Hot Chocolate drink. There were two smaller boxes with drinking mugs, plastic wine glasses, table napkins, pen and stamp kits, colouring pencils, summer scribbles sets etc (the latter for little gifts for the children). The good filled the boots of 3 cars and one estate car boot! Naturally Lis and her co-workers were delighted to receive this shipment, especially since it was a slightly out of the ordinary food donation for the Bank and will be appreciated by the recipients as a bit of a change.

We are greatly indepted to for this donation as with the others in the past year. So far they have sent us over £4400's worth of good FOR FREE!! Thank you so much Giving World (in Leicester).

9th March 2021: Eggs for Easter

Treasurer Neale reports: Accompanied Past-president Ken, who has been egg shopping, to the Food Bank today. Got there a bit early and was able to help some old folk from Garforth Church unload their collected food. They had collected free, out of date, fruit & veg from Tesco in Seacroft on Monday evening. Picture is of Ken & Lis.

22nd February 2021: News from the Foodbank: We continue to be very busy. In January we fed a total of 421 people. (336 adults and 85 children). 151 takeaway meals were handed out - despite the cold and snow people still queued up for a hot meal.


STOP PRESS: In early December we heard that we have been awarded a District 1040 Matching Grant by Rotary International tosupport this work. They have matched the £1,000 we orginally collected from Club Members and others. Our fundraising continues..... {Many of our members have donated the cost of the meal we usually enjoy when we meet each week, since this has not happened since early March 2020 - along with other generous gestures of support.}

Original Article - 30th June 2020.

We, sadly, live in an era in which Food Banks are needed, despite ostentatious frivolity by many. There are geograhical areas where poverty and need are only too real. The situation is likly to worsen when the economic effects of the Covid-19 Virus outbreak start, regarding job security, the end of the furlough scheme etc. Many more people may find themselves in real difficulty.With this in mind, we agreed on 18th June, at our weekly virtual meeting on Zoom, to donate £500 immediately to one of the local food banks where we have recognised real need. So on 29th June 2020, President Ken and Treasurer Neale went to St Richard's Church (see picture) in the Parish of Seacroft in Leeds.

The following picture shows President Ken in the crypt, handing over the cheque for the £500 to the staff of the food bank. (Obligatory face mask and social distancing!)

In early December we heard that we have been awarded a District 1040 Matching Grant by Rotary International to support this work. They have matched the £1,000 we orginally collected from Club Members and others. Our fundraising continues..... {Many of our members have donated the cost of the meal we usually enjoy when we meet, since this has not happened since early March 2020 - along with other generous gestures of support.}

22nd February 2021: News from the Foodbank:

We continue to be very busy. In January we fed a total of 421 people. (336 adults and 85 children). 151 takeaway meals were handed out - despite the cold and snow people still queued up for a hot meal. Lis.

13th January 2021

Further delivery from Giving World to Neale’s home: The Pallet contained:- 11 Doz. Bottles of BBQ Sauce, 14 x 20 Boxes Flat Breads, 2 Boxes Mini Crackers, 50 x 1 Ltr. Bottles of juice, 2 Boxes Baby Wipes, 1 Box of 50 Face Masks, 1 Box Tea Towels, 1 Box Shopping Bags, 2 Boxes x 24 Tissues. Neale writes: I am pleased to say that my wife and I managed to deliver nearly all the mound of food, so graciously given by Giving World to the Bank. Lis collected the boxes of Doritos. On behalf of Lis I would advise you that they were thrilled to receive so much stuff in one go "It was just like Christmas". We are blessed to have found and connected a worthy charity with a worthy cause - this is Service above Self. I know you are all hoping to join in as we continue our support during the rest of President Tony's year. I have discussed with Lis some short term changes while this pandemic is at its height. She is going to provide us with a list of food stuff they regularly run short of. She is also going to provide statistics on their activities.

19th January: Lis wrote: Hi Neale, Thanks again for your recent delivery - good job we didn't leave it until Thursday - the dreaded snow arrived. Some interesting figures for you: Since the start of the Pandemic we have fed approx. 2400 people. In December alone we fed approx. 620 people and handed out approx. 130 extra Christmas food bags to families. On the Saturday before Christmas we handed out 56 x 2 course  Christmas dinner takeaway meals. Starting this January I will send you figures  at  each  month  end.  We would be grateful for any of the following items - UHT Semi skimmed milk, tinned meat, tinned tuna, tinned fruit, tinned rice pudding, tinned carrots, tinned peas, (no sweetcorn thanks), Tea bags. Tinned potatoes or packet instant mash. We are ok for beans and soup,  Lis.

This is the reply we received from the foodbank when we wished them a Happy New Year and to enquire if they needed more supplies:

Yes, Happy New year to you too and all your members.
We were very busy over the Christmas period.  In December alone we fed approx 620 people and gave out about 130 extra Christmas bags of food to families. Thank you for asking - yes we have enough food for the moment and we will continue to open throughout this next lock down.We were busy again today - fed just over 110 people. I will keep you posted of our progress. Difficult times ahead I think especially with the schools closed now.
Thank you again for all your support. Will be in touch again soon.

Update: 17th December 2020

We received this message when our Treasurer told the Food Bank Manager of our Good News about the District Grant, and our plans to help them into 2021, including regular trips to the local cash and carry to top up supplies: "That's really great news, Neale. So appreciate it. We fed just under 200 people on Tuesday. We are open throughout Xmas and New year too. Yes, please contact me in the New year and we will have a chat about future plans etc.
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.  Best Wishes from Lis and all the team at St Richard's crypt. "

 Update: 11th November 2020.

Here is a copy of an email received from our Treasurer earlier today (Well done Neale and Brendan - Lis is from the Food Bank).

Good afternoon Fellow Rotarians,
You can all be proud that your generosity will enable Seacroft Food Bank and the Children of those who come for support to have a Christmas time which will be better than what they could hope for. Today Lis, Brendan & myself on your behalf bought the following:-

12 x 360g Family Circle Biscuits
48 x small tins of Mandarin Oranges
12 x Tins of Fruit Cocktail
12 x Tins Carnation Evap. Milk
36 x 50g Big Hoops Bags
32 x 20g. Quavers
12 x 1 Ltr. Whole UHT
12  x 1 Ltr. Semi UHT
4Kg  Tub Party Treats
20 x 80g Mini rainbow twists
180 x Traffic Light Lollies
32 x Santa Selection Boxes
12 x  392g tin of Chicken in White Sauce
4 lots of various sizes of Foil Trays & Lids (Saturday Take-Away Service)

Picture Attached

Update: 27th October 2020.
President Tony and 3 other members delivered more supplies to the food bank today, Not food, but items that the foodbank clients would find useful:
30 Family Essentials Packs comprising: 4 Toilet Rolls, 350ml Shampoo, 840ml Washing Liquid & Fabric Conditioner, 500ml Shower Gel.
1 Box    - 14 Size 5 Nappies
1 Box    - 12 Size 6 Nappies
1 Box    - 20 x 25g Dove Soap. 5x100ml Hand Balm
1 Box    - 10 x 0.5L Liquid Soap
1 Box    - 20 x 400ml Hairspray
4 Boxes – 50 Soap Bars, per box

These items were supplied free of charge (we paid transport costs only!) by a marvellous organisation called "Giving World" whose motto is 'Nothing to waste - No one in need'.

The picture shows our members delivering to the Food Bank staff, the second picture shows the boxes:


UPDATE 17th September 2020

Treasurer Neale and Secretary Brendan purchased two car boot-loads of food from the local Cash-and-Carry and delivered same to the Food Bank on 14th September. The donation was very gratefully (and emotionally) received.The picture shows one load of the food which was delivered. The Club has agreed to repeat this exercise monthly now, at least until Christmas.

UPDATE: Treasurer Neale Lucas writes on 25th August 2020

On Monday morning (24th) President Tony and myself visited the Food Bank. Tony presented the PPE Face Masks bought by the Club and also the Masks he donated himself.

Lis Bows thanked us on behalf of the Food Bank and explained how our previous gift had been more than welcome. She tearfully talked about how hard it had become to operate. All referral agencies are shut and certainly many of the needy have neither a computer or IT skills to operate one. The Community Cafe attached to St. Richard's had been a shelter where people could come for a chat or to discuss issues. Most Food was given by local churches but as they are all shut that supply line is much reduced. They now issue warm food on Saturdays in take away boxes, but the boxes are now an additional expense.

Previously, they collected and gave away Toys in December last year and the Chef came in on Christmas Day and cooked a Dinner. Currently, they support about 50 people each Tuesday and a further 50 on a Saturday. As well as food they give cleaning products, toiletries and other ladies requirements.

Attached are photos of our visit, Neale.



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