Terms and conditions for Santa Run

terms and conditions for Santa Run


Terms and Conditions of Entry and Participation updated 26 October 2022

1.  General Definitions and Terms

The Stanborough Park Santa Run [hereinafter the Run] is organised and operated by The Rotary Club of Hatfield [the Organisers, Us, We]. 

Participation in the Run is open only to Entrants, that is, those who have completed an Entry, satisfied the Entry Requirements and paid the Entry Fee. 

Entrants will be permitted to run or walk the Course provided by Us; the Course is likely to be accessible to wheelchairs. The Run is not a Race. 

Entrants need not be sponsored, but We would encourage Entrants to seek sponsorship for their favourite good cause. 

Any necessary amendments to these Terms & Conditions will be published on Our web-site – https://rotaryhatfield.uk – and highlighted there; please review them regularly.

2. Risk and Liability

By Entering the Run and accepting these Terms and Conditions, Entrants participating in the Run warrant that they believe they are fit and able to complete the Course and do so entirely at their own risk; We cannot accept liability for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of that participation.

We do and will take reasonable steps, including undertaking a detailed risk assessment, to minimise the risk of injury to Entrants. However, by taking part in the Run, Entrants acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond Our control that can lead to unforeseen risks. 

Professional First aid will be offered in the event of injury, but again this will be made available at the participant's risk. 

We will not be responsible in any way for the success or otherwise of efforts by Entrants to raise and/or use sponsorship monies. 

We reserve the right to refuse an Entrant attendance at, or participation in, the Run; an Entrant found in breach of these Terms and Conditions may be excluded from the Run. 

3. Entry Conditions

Only Entrants registered on Our Eventbrite site who have paid the appropriate entery fee are eligible to take part in the Run. 

Registration requires and implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions; its completion by a Group leader implies acceptance by all the Group members listed on that Entry Form. 

Entrants satisfying these Entry Conditions may receive a limited number of e-mails from Us, which will include Run information and the latest updates on the Run. 

We try to comply with the Data Protection Act 1988 and so will only use the personal information provided on the Entry Form to administer the Run, to contact an Entrant's home or emergency contact in an emergency and to send details of similar future Events; no such information will be made available to third parties.

Entrants under the age of 16 years of age on 1 December 2022 must have their Entry completed by a parent or guardian; contact details for the parent or guardian must be given. 

Under 16s must be accompanied to the Run by an adult who will be held responsible by Us for the safe conduct and behaviour of the young person(s) during the Run. 

We may only be able to accept limited entries 'on-the-day' and such Entrants will be registered on a first-come, first-served, basis.

4. Organisation and Conduct of the Run

Entrants will be provided with a Costume - a one-size-fits-all Santa costume for over 14s and a smaller costume suitable for 8 to 14 year-olds – and younger Entrants with "reindeer antlers".

We only guarantee the provision of a Costume to the first 200 Entrants;

Arrangements will be made to issue costumes prior to the Run, at time(s) and place(s) which will be communicated to Entrants; only a limited number of costumes may be available on-the-day at the Run.

Entrants are responsible for ensuring that where necessary their Costumes are adjusted to fit and that the Entrant will be able to run or walk safely whilst wearing the Costume.

The Run will commence at a time and place to be confirmed to Entrants, and it is expected that all Entrants will have completed their Run within 1 hour of the start; We will withdraw the Marshals and Our other support facilities at that time.

Entrants must follow the Course as laid out and comply with our Marshals' instructions. Any dogs brought to the Run must be kept on a lead at all times.

Entrants completing the Run may receive various 'goodies' as made available by Our Sponsors.

5. Cancellation

If the Run is cancelled or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, We will endeavour to stage the Run at a later date. In such circumstances, We will try to let Entrants know in writing of the cancellation or delay.

Our entire liability in respect of all costs and expenses Entrants may incur as a result of such cancellation or delay will be the Entry Fee paid to enter the Run, less the cost of any Costume(s) already provided to the Entrant.

Entrants may not be entitled to a refund of the Entry Fee in the event the Run is cancelled due to an event beyond the reasonable control of the Organisers, including but not limited to: severe weather, terrorism, 'act of god', and/or closure of the Run site by Emergency Services.

6. Training and Medical conditions

By Entering the Run, Entrants warrant that they understand they are taking part in a fun run or walk, but they are responsible for not exceeding their level of fitness. Entrants also warrant that they will take appropriate action to prepare for, and participate in, the Run, including, if necessary, consulting their Doctor.

7. Publicity

By participating in the Run, Entrants permit (in the case of under-16yr old Entrants, the parent or guardian permits) use of their photograph in any broadcast, advertising, promotion, or in future communications by Us about the Run. Entrants may retract this permission by contacting Us.

These Terms & Conditions applicable from 26 October 2022; recent changes will be marked. Amendments will be published and publicised on Our web-site – http://rotaryhatfield.uk

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Santa Run 2022

back the 2022 Hatfield Santa Run was held at Stanborough Lakes on 11 December 2022. Than you to all who took part.

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the 2022 Hatfield Santa Run was held at Stanborough Lakes on 11 December 2022. Than you to all who took part.


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