Pakistan Flood Appeal

Aid for Hala

Pakistan has been hit by the heaviest recorded summer rainfall for over a decade, with one third of the country said to be under water.

It is thought that 33 million people, over 15% of the country’s population, have been affected, with at least 1,136 people losing their lives since the monsoon season began in June and more deaths expected as the full  economic impact of the flooding emerges.

Hounslow Rotary Club has special links with Pakistan and so we have been looking for the best way that  Rotarians and our local community can help. We are fortunate to have two members with a very detailed knowledge of certain areas and local contacts.

 They have identified District Matiari on the banks of the Indus River in Southern Pakistan,, and Hala Town and surrounding villages, around 135 miles from Karachi,  as areas which are likely to be overlooked by the larger relief organisations. Although the rain has stopped, all the water will flow from the north via the Indus River system and this southern area willbe the last from which the waters will recede.

Displaced families are all heading towards nearest towns/cities and just sitting on roadsides wherever they can find a dry area. Townspeople are not able to cope because of the overwhelming numbers.

The immediate need is for shelter, food and clean water (vital to prevent water borne infections).  We have established that £60 can provide immediate and longer term shelter and supplies for a family of 5 people. Local volunteers (known to us) will distribute the aid.

We are planning to supply at least 100 packages which will cost £6000.

AND THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. Please support our appeal by sending donations to Hounslow Rotary’s Pakistan appeal through our Charity Trust Fund which will allow us to add Gift Aid to your contribution.

Please contact for instructions as to how to donate.

(images from Business Recorder Pakistan)

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