Paws 4 A Cause

Our online photo competition to celebrate our pets and raise money for StreetVet and ShelterBox was a success raising a profit of £362.

Competition Now Closed!

Enter our photo competition to celebrate your pets and raise money for StreetVet and ShelterBox, and local charities.
Could your pet be one of our winners and receive a rosette??

How to enter:

Follow the instructions below to pay via Paypal or to use your credit or debit card click on the Eventbrite link below:


1. Please use the paypal link to pay your £5 per photo entry donation. Paypal link
2. Take your photo(s) and save in JPEG format, naming to include your name, pets name and category entered.
3. Forward your paypal receipt to, attaching your photo(s).
You may enter as many photos as you wish across all categories.
The categories are:
1. Perfect Puppy (1 year and under)
2. Funny/Active
3. Golden Oldies (10 years and over)
1. Cutest Kitten (1 year and under)
2. Funny/Active
3. Golden Oldies (15 years and over)
Please read these rules before submitting your photo(s). By participating in the Rotary Photo Competition, you understand, acknowledge and unconditionally agree to abide by the following rules. For any clarification or questions please contact the organisers at
An international competition open to any adult. Young people under the age of 18 should enter through their parent or guardian.
Entries and photos must be submitted online via email.
No photo may contain an identifiable person.
The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any photo if they deem it inappropriate.
Images must be of domestic pets cared for by the entrant or the entrant’s family.
Images deemed to be downloaded from the internet will be disqualified.
Professional photos of dogs and cats are not allowed.
No advertising (including obvious product placement) is allowed.
Advanced editing used to create illusions, deceptions and/or manipulations, and the adding and removing of significant elements within the frame is not permitted.
Entry is subject to a requested minimum donation of £5 per photograph. Donations to be made via an online donation form which will require a debit/credit card. For other methods of payment please contact the organisers by email. All donations will be received by the Rotary Club of Helston Cober Valley and will be used to support ShelterBox and StreetVet, and local charities.
Please put the category, your name and pets name in the photo title. On your entry email please put your contact details (name, email address and phone number) which will be collected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy but no personal details will appear online. Rotary Club of Helston Cober Valley will use your data only in connection with this competition and will not sell, give away or otherwise dispose of personal data to any third party.
Entry will be closed on the 31st December 2022. Submissions will not be accepted once the closing date has passed.
Rotary Club of Helston Cober Valley will appoint a minimum of 3 external judges.
Judging will take place as soon as practical after the closing date.
Judging will concentrate on the content of submitted photographs rather than the inherent quality of the photos. However please ensure that all photos are at least in focus and cropped, if necessary, to show off your dog and cat to the best advantage.
Winners will be notified using the contact details they supply as soon as practically possible after judging is complete.
Winning entries will be announced within 3 weeks of closure of the competition. This will include an announcement on the Rotary Club of Helston Cober Valley website, an email announcement sent to all entrants, and social media.
Winners will be deemed to have agreed to publicity to include name of owners, name(s) of dog and cat and category. The organisers may ask winners to be photographed with their dog(s) and cat(s). Publicity will include press releases and social media exposure.
The winner of each category will receive a rosette and certificate.
A “Best in Show” prize will be selected from the winners of each category and will be awarded to the dog or cat who the judges would most like to take home.
Data collected during the upload process will be used by RCEPI in accordance with its privacy policy which can be viewed at:

'What We Do' Main Pages:

This year 12th June 2024 at Flambards


A maximum of 200 tickets sold with a monthly draw for cash prizes


Our online photo competition to celebrate our pets and raise money for StreetVet and ShelterBox was a success raising a profit of £362.

Splat the rat

Promoting our current charity, we have various fun games such as splat the rat, wet sponges & stocks, lucky dip.

Walk at Stithians Reservoir

Dogs and humans welcome


Since 1985, Rotary’s key humanitarian priority has been to rid the world of polio. For more info. visit link


ShelterBox - A Rotary Project Partner that we are strong and active supports of

Local car boot sale

Attend local car boot sales

Onboard barge Fiep in Amsterdam

Various holidays abroad and in this country

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Selling mince pies and mulled wine for charity.


Fatima, the porcelain cow, makes an appearance every month or so at a club meeting. The "winner" from the previous month has to run a short competition to see who keeps Fatima for the following month.

Cast off to Catwalk charity shop challenge

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Kids in Quito

Working with the Rotary Club of Quito Norte were applying for a Global Grant to support the education and wellbeing of street children in Quito Ecuador. Due to Covid we have scaled this back to a District Grant application.

Friday 5th April 2024, 9:30am shotgun start. Click for more details

Friday 5th April 2024, 9:30am shotgun start


The Club has a continuously running EBay Charity Shop. It is one of our biggest fundraisers

In they Go!!

Some years we hold an event where we drop 1000+ balls into the Cober nearly a mile up the river.


Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions resulted in postponing the Junior Youth Speaks Competition with our local Junior Schools, but hopefully this will resume in 2024.