Christmas Cards for End Polio Now 2023

Order your Christmas Cards for 2023 in support of End Polio Now.

The Rotary Club of Lindum Lincoln has once again organised a Christmas Card to raise funds for End Polio Now (EPN).

100% of profits will be credited to the EPN account of the club purchasing the card, with a guarantee that donations will be completed by 31st January 2024 at the very latest and a confirmation email sent to each club. 

Last year we raised an amazing £7,872.  The profit was £2.70 per pack of 10 cards, over 56% profit, so for a club ordering 20 packs their EPN account was credited with £54.00. This would then attract the Bill and Melinda Gates double matching.

NEW FOR 2023 – Online order option at Save on print and post and order from the comfort of your computer.

If you prefer not to order online, you may of course still print hard copy and post with a cheque! All forms of payment happily accepted.

The orders are collated on a per club basis to keep postage costs to a minimum, and the order deadline is 21st October 2023, with delivery by 30th November 2023. We plan our timeline carefully to give our customers time to distribute to their members.

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