District Governor Visit - Richard Vergette

Thu, Oct 19th 2023 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

DG gives us his views on the future of Rotary in his year

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19th October 2023 District Governor visit Richard Vergette

Before Richard began his presentation he presented a certificate to Stan, our Club Foundation Officer, for our contribution to the Rotary Polio campaign. DG Richard then brought us greetings from his own Club, based in the Isle of Axholme (N. Lincolnshire, located between Scunthorpe and Gainsborough). He gave us some background, as most of us had never heard of it. Formerly Marsh or swamp land that was drained in the 17th century by a Dutch engineer called Cornelius Vermuyden.

He then expressed his thanks to our club for: The memory café; 1st Responders; Air Ambulance support; Art and Craft Fair. Then commented on the much-used phrase “Rotary has to change”. He went on to describe his own first experience of Rotary back in 1992, invited by his brother. A room with lots of long tables and headed by a raised top table full of dignified men (black tie do), whose length of speeches related to the size of their Chains of Office. Then came the entertainment with a comedian in the style of Bernard Manning with many tasteless racist jokes. So, his view was that Rotary has already changed, “just look at you lot and your attire, ‘scruff bags’”, all said in the best possible taste, with ‘tongue in cheek’!

DGs often tend to “beat Clubs over the head” about membership; Rotary lost 1700 members last year; lost 4000, but gained 3000 new members, emphasising the value of new members. Rotary is still evolving, we might be smaller in numbers, but active people, not RINOs (Rotary in name only)

Just ask yourself the question: Would we be missed if we were NOT here? He gave a few examples of how we would be missed: Val Leivers school in India; Great Green Read – championed by DGE Phil Wilbourn – focussing on Literacy Skills and Environmental issues; Kids against Plastic; White Ribbon; Royal Agricultural BI,

Please be visible, share your good ideas, Rotary is so much more than ‘fund raising’. A recent networking event for the EM Chamber of Commerce was hosted by Chesterfield RC. Hucknall RC did a demonstration of an Aqua Box at a Community Fair which was well received. Our first face to face District Council meeting is fast approaching – and will be held on 25 November at The Newstead Centre and on 10 February we are celebrating Rotary at the EM Conference Centre at the University of Nottingham. We want to be measured by what we achieve and our attempts to create ‘Hope in the World’

President David thanked Richard for his thought provoking and enthusiastic presentation and the kind remarks he had made about our Club and the members joined him in a rousing round of applause.                  AR

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