Rotary 2024/2025 a Presentation

The slides from the presentation given by the President for 2024/25 at the Club Assembly 17th June 2024

                                                           RCCN Year 2024 - 25 

                                                    Our Club's successful pedigree 

                                                             Tackling issue of M...


                                                                    Our Club 

● We are a successful Club 

● We make a difference

– In the Community, and 

– Internationally through End Polio Now, School in the Bag and Shelterbox 

● We have carved roles for the Club and for ourselves within the the Club's event calendar and its international and community work 

● We enjoy fellowship and mutual respect – The four way test


The Club adopts a theme, to target 'Small and Local'

2024 – 25 

● Responding to the 'elephant in the room' – Membership 

● As a Club I see little change in how we will be working, because, 

– To start change you need 'it is not working!' 

– Take a strategic approach – You cannot harvest unless you sow the seed 

– Recognise Cheltenham has Club formats to fit all – Support New Clubs, like Future and Cleeve


2024 -25 

● Therefore please seed the community for our successors, if RCCN's niche does not fit, let new Clubs to reap the harvest 

– Make the Rotary emblem evident in Cheltenham 

● Lapel pins? ...Tabard too much, use your Club badge 

● Where you are volunteering 

● Your car, your venue – Be ready to answer ...what is Rotary? 

● Our meetings, volunteering and charity donations 

– Through local village halls, local groups, publicise Cheltenham Area local grant scheme


Show where you volunteer 

● We are too modest 

● Who standing at Reception outside, knows about the talent in this room / or even Rotary 

● Take inspiration from businesses on every office building, wall, scaffold, area of garden paving, where they are working, you see their name 

● Fewer lapel pins visible – Ideas for suitable alternative?


RCCN Year 2024 - 25 

RI President Elect's theme for the year The Magic of Rotary 

Our Club's successful pedigree 

Maintain the momentum 

Tackling issue of membership 

Seed the community with 'Rotary' for our successors

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The slides from the presentation given by the President for 2024/25 at the Club Assembly 17th June 2024


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The Cheltenham Wine Festival will take place on 13th April 2024 in the Function Room of the Cheltenham Ladies' College, Health and Fitness Centre, Malvern Road, GL50 2NX. Tickets now available See "Details" (An ideal Present)


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