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Crocus planting to Celebrate 100 years of Foundation


14OCT20 : Mercy Ships (Rotary Brochure)

Please click Mercy Ships to view the Rotary brochure following the announcements of the new Global Mercy as the largest ever Global Grant of $1.125 million. The grant is supplying essential medical equipment for this new and revolutionary vessel. 

To book a Zoom talk for your Club and to find out more about the incredible work the amazing volunteers do, please go or call 01438 727800


"It is said that every minute of every day Rotary will touch the lives of millions somewhere in the world"

For the most part the truth of that statement is attributable to the Humanitarian work that Clubs and Districts carry out around the world, often using grants from The Rotary Foundation (Rotary's own charity). There are 4 words in Foundation's Mission Statement which sum up the core purpose of our charity: 'World Understanding and Peace'; we seek to achieve this through our local, national and international projects.  When one group of people reaches out to help another group, we help to build friendships and understanding between nations. 

See the 'Polio Eradication' page for up-to-date information on polio; this video is interesting too: "This Close"

It is a hard truth that, unless we pay into Foundation's Annual Programmes Fund there can be no Grants for our Humanitarian, or funds for our Educational work.  For details of Foundation's Funds, also an outline of who contributes to which fund, click the left hand "Funds and Funding" button.

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