Applying for a Grant

Many changes have been made to the process for applying for grants, and the application forms have been updated for 2024-2025.

Global and District Grants overview

The Global and District Grants process overview is a downloadable Powerpoint presentation which cannot be viewed online. When you click here you will have the option to either Open the document or Show it in your Download folder.

There is an annual cycle for District Grant applications which means that applications for District Grant projects that are due to start early in the Rotary year must be submitted to District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC) before 30th June so that they can be approved in UK and sent to Rotary International in Evanston for approval as a batch. A single grant payment for all of these grants is made to DRFC, usually in early September, who forwards the amounts approved to individual clubs.

There is sometimes scope in the District Grant funds to enable applications for grants to be made at other times of the year. If your Club has such a requirement please contact the DRFC.

If your Club has received a District Grant and wants to change the related project the Club must obtain approval from the DRFC prior to making the change, otherwise the grant will have to be refunded before the end of the current Rotary year.

Applications for Global Grants can be made at any time via the Grants Centre on MyRotary and, once approved by all parties, are automatically forwarded to Rotary International in Evanston for approval.

District Grant Application Form

The District Grant Application Form for 2024-2025 should be completed online and then sent by email to the DRFC

Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding

The Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for 2024-2025 is mandatory for both Global Grants and District Grants. This should be completed online and then sent by email to the DRFC.

Introduction to MyRotary

You will need to access MyRotary in order to complete the Grant Management Seminar or Rotary Foundation Basics courses referred to below. If you have not used MyRotary before you will find the Tutorials on YouTube that have been produced by D1100 Leadership & Learning very useful.

Grant Management Seminar

The Grant Management Seminar on Learning Centre will remain the pre-requisite training course for all clubs wanting to apply for a Global Grant.

One member from each Club must complete the 
course on Learning Centre and the subsequent annual Grant Management Recertification course each year that they wish to apply for a Global Grant.

Rotary Foundation Basics Course

The Rotary Foundation Basics course on Learning Centre is the pre-requisite training course for all clubs wanting to apply only for a District Grant in 2024-2025. 
It provides an overview of The Rotary Foundation, without going into the level of detail of the Grant Management Seminar. 

If a club has completed the Rotary Foundation Basics course in 2023-2024 it will not need to retake the course in order to apply for a District Grant in 2024-2025.

Applying for a Grant pages:

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