Foundation Evening 2012

What could we do that was a bit different? For many years the Foundation Evening format had not changed. It consisted of inviting one, or more usually two, Foundation scholars to the club and listening to them speak. Sometimes they were good but on other occasions let's just say, less good. This, coupled with the ever rising cost of a meal and the fact that it is a partner evening so in most cases members are paying for two meals rather than one, led me to wondering what we could do that was just a bit different.

The solution to this came in the form of John Newby, President of Harrow Rotary Club. Many years ago, and certainly too many to record here for posterity, John was himself such a scholar. Rather than listening to scholars telling us how they hope it will help them in their lives to come, what better than to listen to someone who has been there and done it.

John gave a very amusing and well delivered talk telling us how it had changed his life for the better and how he has been eternally grateful to Rotary, an organisation about which he knew next to nothing before making his application, for what his time away in the US did for him. He was very clear. Without Rotary he simply did not believe he would have been able to achieve in his life what he has. There can be few higher compliments for the organisation of which we are proud to be members.

Nigel Shock

November 2012