Smite Evening Pencarrow

Wed 30th May 2012

Partners & Friends evening 30/05/12


Bodmin Rotarians enjoyed a very entertaining evening at Pencarrow House with friends including Lady Iona Molsworth, discovering the skills of 'SMITE' under the instruction of Roger Daniels & his wife, the inventors of the game.

SMITE is a relatively new game invented by Roger Daniels and his wife from St. Neot, Cornwall. A simple garden game, which has grown in popularity and can now boast sales into many thousands of sets.

Roger and his wife were also guests and assisted with the training of Rotarians, needless to say some were better than others, but all enjoyed it.

'Special thanks is extended to Lady Iona and her staff for providing excellent hospitality and an enjoyable evening.'


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Smite, though based on a traditional Northern European game, is new to the U.K. Combining the skill and dexterity of boule with the cunning and guile of croquet, Smite can either be played as a competitive sport, or enjoyed as a family game. The home of Smite is near St. Neot. in South- East Cornwall (U.K. village of the year 2004) and is very much Cornish based.

Designed primarily as a game for the garden, Smite is just as much fun on firm sand, in the park, or even in the snow! It needs a minimum playing area of approx 6m by 2m. Our experience has shown us that Smite appeals to a wide range of ages and abilities. It quickly becomes a central feature of parties and barbecues. Smite will appeal to everyone from the elderly to the ultra competitive barbecue crowd who have gone on to form informal Smite leagues of their own!!

The wooden tenpins come in a specially designed, hand made wooden box, complete with all you need to enjoy the game from the very first time you play it