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International Service Committee

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The chairman of our International Service Committee is Rtn. Steve Harrington.


International Service is the way in which Rotary helps those in other countries who have particular needs.  We do this through a direct link with a particular place, or by using the sheer numbers of Rotarians to support an international cause on the grand scale.

Via the generosity of our fellow Rotarians, our fundraising activities have enabled the International Committee to  complete the following projects/activities during the past two years;
  • The purchase of 6 Aqua Boxes including an instant response (with three Boxes) to the Haiti earthquake.
  • We have supplied (via our Club Members) the "Tools For Self Reliance" charity with two Blacksmith's anvils and a wide range of tools for them to refurbish and send abroad for local use in parts of Africa.
  • Following a Speaker's presentation from the "Send A Cow" organisation, we later donated the cost of a cow to be supplied to a needy African family.
  • We made a donation to the "Self Help Africa" charity which will go some considerable way towards providing seeds and soil additives sufficient to keep an African family self sufficient in food for one year.
  • We have contributed on two separate occasions to the purchase of "Winter-Strength" survival tents for use in remote mountainous area of Asia.
  • We have been instrumental in providing some funding towards the transporting of several pallet loads of school text books for use in a Rwandan School staffed by members of Voluntary Services Overseas.
For 2013-14 we are now laying down further plans to raise funds and continue to provide aid to organisations similar to those above.  We also have an excellent ongoing relationship with Bolton University's International Students Society which we will continue to develop."