What do we do locally?

Glossop Rotary Club is part of the worldwide service organisation with over 1 million professional and business people. The movement's motto is SERVICE ABOVE SELF, which simply put, means helping those in need and offering help to young people in developing their talents and interests.

Fund raising is very important and the Glossop Jog is our main event. See the Jog page for full details.

Of course the club is concerned with service issues throughout the year and here are some of the main activities we are involved in.

-Boot Sales in Fauval road to raise funds for local charities.

-Environmental Garden Project for Primary schools.

-Youth Speaks, Youth Makes Music and Young Chef competitions in conjunction with local schools.

-Sponsoring local teenagers in conjunction with organisations such as Scouting.

-Arranging sight saving cataract operations in India.

-Providing clean drinking water for communities in Africa.

-Supplying Emergency and Shelter boxes to people affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

-Collecting tools under the Tools for Self Reliance scheme to promote development in Africa.

Would you like to know more about us?

We would welcome you to one of our meetings which are held at Windy Harbour Hotel each Wednesday evening. We normally have a meal and then an engaging speaker provides the entertainment.