Rotary's main purpose is to encourage and nurture volunteerism locally, nationally and internationally.

The question that is often asked is 'Why are you in Rotary?'

We have been encouraged to join, aware that by doing so we will be able to make a difference.

It may be that at some point in your life you have had an experience that changed you and have felt that you needed to be part of a global group that makes a massive impact on the lives of others.

When it comes to Rotary, one of the great things we experience is working with others as a team. Rotarians are from all walks of life, with many different experiences and skills and these go to make up the Rotary Team.

Unfortunately, the team is becoming smaller and there are fewer skills and strengths to tap into.  Therefore we are seeking new members to strengthen our existing team in order to continue to carry out the tasks the club sets out to achieve.

We need volunteers.   Would you consider that Rotary is the organisation through which you would obtain satisfaction by helping others?  If so, why not contact our membership officer Tony on 0191-548-4450 or visit the main Rotary website for more details: