Trailwalker Challenge

Sat 14th July 2012

Bodmin Rotarians supporting this event - 100km walk across the South Downs. FINISHED Sunday am - Walking time 25.44hrs - Fantastic !


FINISHED Sunday am - walking time 25.44hrs - All well except a few sore feet !

Congratulations to the team: Colin, Phil, Wendy & Robert.  -  Thanks to the support team: Martin & Matthew.

The 'Trail Walkers' 100km walk started Sat. 14th 7am  - despite the thunderstorm !

The challenge was supported and organised by the GURKHAS - 2000 walkers took part in teams of 4 - Walk started by the Gurkhas as a training exercise over 30 years ago.

The 1st team were QGS "A" (Queens Gurkhas) Time taken 10.54hrs (Ave. speed 6mph - double normal walking speed ! )


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Eight people from Bodmin who trekked 100km non-stop in atrocious weather have raised more than

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