What is Rotary ?

An explanation of what Rotary is and does.

Rotary is an organisation of business and professional men and women united worldwide to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Rotary International is a global network of service volunteers and is the world's largest service organisation with some 1.22 million members operating in 200 countries.
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The Rotary Wheel

The present Rotary emblem with 24 cogs an six spokes was adopted in 1923 by Rotary International and is recognised as the symbol of Rotary around the world. There are 55,000 Rotarians in Great Britain and Ireland in 1,855 clubs. The members volunteer their time and talent to further the Rotary motto, 'Service Above Self'. They help those in need and work towards world understanding and peace. It's a fulfilling rĂ´le, and Rotarians can get involved as much or as little as their time will allow.

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