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Rotary International has a new website, Rotary is an International organisation with over 1.2M members, here in the UK we have 53,000 in 1,850 clubs.

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Rotary has been in existence for a little over 100 years having started in Chicargo 1904 by Paul Harris. Paul was married to a Scots girl hence our District 1010 was originally District 1 and the very first outside of the US. There are some 1.2M Rotarians worldwide with around 53,000 here in the UK. We have 1,850 Clubs in the UK and Ireland. Clubs are grouped by geographical area into Districts, in our case we have 88 clubs with a little over 3,000 Rotarians covering an area from north of the Forth up to and including all of the highlands and most of the islands.

If you would like more background then by all means explore our District website

www.rotary1010.org but also the main one

www.rotary.org and here in the UK we have