Bookstalls and Handbag Sales

Sales of pre-used paperback books, jigsaws & handbags in aid of charitable/ community purposes. Scheduled 2020 sales have had to be cancelled but we hope to re-introduce them in 2021.

Bookstall Sales and Handbag Sales


The Rotary Club of Nailsea & Backwell started to run bookstall sales to raise funds for charity in 1997. In addition to books it was also suggested that jigsaws should be included to see if there were any takers and indeed this has proved to be the case.

Since the original bookstall has been held much has been learned about what does and doesn't sell. It has been the source of some amusement that frequently the odd 'professional' appears when the bookstall are being set up to browse through what is on offer, often to choose twenty or thirty books at 50p or a pound each presumably to sell on.

We now endeavour to run four or five bookstalls a year and typically 60/80 trays of books or so will be on display of which many are sold on the day. Experience has proved that good quality paperbacks are the most popular and sadly hardbacks, no matter that the vast majority are in pristine condition, have very little appeal so we do not generally stock them other than for cookery books, childrens books and some biographies.

Funds raised over the years now amount to many thousands of pounds, all of which has been used for charitable or local community purposes.

Sale dates for 2020 have had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus but we are hoping to be re-introduce them in 2021.


In recent years we have also been running four handbag sales stalls a year in Nailsea Town Centre and we plan to continue this as it has become popular with both regular and new customers and we always have a good quality stock of pre-used bargains. Some customers have been able to snap up unused Radley designer bags that we were able to obtain so why not come to the next one and see what we have available. Again all proceeds are used for charitable or local community purposes.

The scheduled Handbag Sales for 2020 have had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus but we are hoping to re-introduce them for 2021.