Cider Farm Visit

Fri 23rd May 2014

Members & friends. Cider tasting & BBQ . . .

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St. Mabyn

23rd May 2014  -  6.30pm

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Bar-B-Cue + Cider (No limit !)

13.50 all inclusive

Organisd by Peter Ripley

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Haywood Farm is located in the beautiful Allen Valley, near the village of St. Mabyn, approximately 4 miles from Wadebridge. The Bray family have farmed here since 1919, but cider has been produced on the farms granite cider press for centuries, supplying the families and labourers with the Westcountrys favourite drink.

Tom Bray started making cider with a group of friends in 2003, and since then his enthusiasm, passion and expertise have continued to grow.
Over the last five years, he has propagated and planted fourteen acres of orchards, carefully selecting varieties for their quality and suitability to the Cornish climate, all helping to create top-quality cider.

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