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Ever thought about joining Rotary?

All of our work is about helping communities flourish, be it organising a charity golf tournament, or helping with disaster relief anywhere in the world. Club life is really diverse because it is you and your fellow members who give it its own unique personality. 

Rotary was originally founded as a business networking group, and today those opportunities still make up a part of club life. So while you give something back to the community, your business life can benefit as well as your personal life.

Our clubs are friendly places, they regularly invite guest speakers from a wide range of backgrounds to talk and share their knowledge for the benefit of our members. As well as improving social and cultural awareness we can also help members develop their own skills in leadership and public speaking.

When you join a local Rotary club, you become a member of a global family with over 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. Just about wherever you are in the world one of our 34,000 clubs will be nearby with a warm welcome.

Being part of Rotary involves more than just giving something back to the community; it's about helping it to prosper and making some great friends along the way.We're looking for like-minded people to join us. Why not give great causes the benefit of your skills and experience? 

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