Bo Children's Hospital Ebola Crisis

Bo Hospital Ebola Crisis - Funds needed

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East Cliff Rotary Club in Bournemouth partnered Bo Rotary Club in Sierra Leone and Turramurra Rotary Club in Australia to build a Children's Hospital at Bo in Sierra Leone, to provide essential hygiene, basic health care and education for local mothers and young children.   The hospital was opened in 2012 and has served more 6000 patients to date and reduced the infant death rate substantially.

The Ebola virus is rapidly spreading across Sierra Leone with 1000s of deaths already.  Bo Children's Hospital is desperately trying to provide an isolation ward to enable them continue their work.  This facility is now a matter of life and death for this impoverished and endangered community and $40,000 dollars is targeted as the sum required.

The most recent information is that more than 3500 cases have been recorded in Sierra Leone with more than 1000 deaths (including at least 200 health workers) and many additional suspected cases.  The infection rate is high and the virus continues to spread.  In the nearby town of Kenema more than 200 deaths have been reported with many additional cases in isolation.

Bo has now incurred deaths from the disease with many more forecast.  Bo Children's Hospital provides a vital focus for the treatment and containment of the disease locally and has started to build the isolation unit in the unfinished phase 2 of the hospital.  East Cliff Club sent $6000 to the hospital in October. 

Individuals can help by donating any amount online (Gift Aid available) to our MyDonate page:

Bo Children's Hospital Ebola Crisis, Donate here

Or send cheques to: Bo Children's Hospital Ebola Crisis, 1 Mount Pleasant, 111 Mudeford, BH23 4AE.  Please make cheques payable to 'Bournemouth East Cliff Rotary Club'. 

All money goes direct to the Hospital Trust, managed jointly by the Turramurra Rotary Club and Bo Rotary Club in Sierra Leone.  Bo Rotary Club have members on the hospital management board.