Nepalese Earthquake - Rebuilding

Some months before the shocking Earthquake hit Nepal, Bournemouth East Cliff Rotary Club received a report from then vice president Chris Potter following a trekking holiday in Nepal.  During this trip he visited the community of Nuwakot and the Narayan Devi secondary school.  The buildings were in a shocking state and provided very little shelter and were a terrible environment in which to give the willing pupils a good education.

East Cliff Club decided to raise funds to enable the local Rotary Club to buy building materials and equipment and oversee a programme of improvement to the fabric of the buildings with the labour being local volunteers and parents of schoolchildren.

However, before this could happen, the area was devastated by the 2015 earthquake and what existed of the school was totally destroyed.  East Cliff Rotary Club immediately raised funds among their members to send to the local Nepalese Rotary Club to help at the scene of the disaster.  Shortly afterwards Chris Potter was sent on a fact finding mission to establish exactly what was needed and how Rotary could practically assist.

On his return, he reported that the school would have to be completely rebuilt and very little money was available, as Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.  As they were having to rely on local voluntary workers and locally sourced materials, it might be possible to apply for an International Rotary Foundation Grant supported by the whole of our local Rotary District in Hampshire and Dorset. 

In order to justify any grants from central Rotary funds, Bournemouth East Cliff needs to raise a matching amount, currently of the order of £5000.  Clearly with all the other calls on the efforts of the locals there are priorities but this week some photographs arrived showing the work so far with a roof in place and some groundworks in progress.

Any money contributed will be properly directed to the school and Chris Potter will again be visiting to assist in the management of the building works.  In the meantime East Cliff Rotary continues to raise funds for this worthwhile International project, to help progress the new school to completion, alongside other projects undertaken in the local Bournemouth Area.

Interested Individuals and other charitable organisations who would like to support this work may make any contributions to the fundraising by accessing the following website and inserting Nepal in the massage box after clicking on the donate button