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The Routes of the 9th annual Nailsea Charity Walks & Runs - 11 October 2020.

Three different routes are available for people to choose from and each walker and runner can decide which charity or organisation they wish to get themselves sponsorship for or can walk or run for all of them.  Each of the three routes, all within the local area, start and finish at the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre in Nailsea. The walk and run distance options are:

  1. The Nailsea 5K "The Stroll" - At 5 kilometers (approx 3 miles) this may appeal to families and is intended to be a relatively easy fun walk - pushchair, pram, disability vehicle and wheelchair friendly - or a not too taxing fun run to start the day!  The 5K group walk will start at 11 am sharp - see below.  A not too taxing run to start the day!
  2. The Nailsea 10K - At 10 kilometers (approx 6 miles) this is intended for people who would prefer a route that is longer and slightly more challenging.   The 10K group walk will start at 10.30 am sharp - see below.
  3. The Nailsea 20K Challenge - At 20 kilometers (approx 12 miles) this is for the more experienced, who are fit and who like more of a challenge. 
Note that there will not be a 20K group walk. Neither will there be any group runs.

Group walks - If you would like to meet new people or just take part in a group walk with other people then sign up for one of the group walks fast.

Due to the coronavirus regulations, both the 5K group walk and the 10K group walk will be strictly limited to 5 people each (plus the group leader) on a first come first served basis.  Please note that participants in the group walks must arrive at least 10 minutes before the relevant start time.


    The pictures above are from the 2019 walk. See more pictures on the individual distance pages 5k, 10k, 20k.

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