Father Christmas and his Sleigh - 2021

Where Father Christmas is going to go in December 2021 . . .

Father Christmas is getting really excited, because he can come and see all his friends, the lovely, well-behaved children of Westhoughton, again this year.

Yes, he is going to be coming round with Rudolph on his sleigh, and those nice elves from the Rotary Club of Westhoughton, who do their best to make sure he doesn't miss anybody.  He will be out around the streets in the evenings from Monday 6th December to Friday 17th December 2021.  Most nights, he will be starting around 6:00 pm and finishing by 9:00 pm.  Here are the routes he has planned.


Monday 6th - Over Hulton, Newland Drive area then Crescent Avenue andn roads off Newbrook Road

Tuesday 7th - Washacre / Southfield Drive, Dobb Brow, Green Meadows, The Fairways

Wednesday 8th - Molyneux Road and Captain Lees estate

Friday 10th - Chew Moor, (6:00pm) starting at Bolton Road, Abbeylea Drive estate, Tempest Road area 

Monday 13th - Eatock Way, Shearwater Drive, The Pungle, Parkway, Drake Hall

Tuesday 14th - Cherwell Road (from Central Drive end) and roads off, Wayfaring

Wednesday 15th - The Hoskers, Pewfist, St. George's Avenue, Daisy Hall Drive area

Thursday 16th - Hydrangea Close, Hartford Road, Marsha Road, Old Vicarage, Landedmans

Friday 17th - Hunger Hill (5:40pm) Winslow Road (people from far end of the estate please come to the corner of Taywood Road), Doyle Road, Knutshaw Crescent, Madison Park estate, Wingates, roads off Church Street to Collingwood Way.


Saturday 18th 10:00 - 12:00 on Market Street, opposite Marsden Street


Saturday 11th - 4.00pm - Bolton Arena (Drive-in cinema)

Sunday 12th - 4.00pm - Bolton Arena (Drive-in cinema)

Father Christmas looks forward to seeing you there, near your house, but if he doesn't see you then, he promises to come round on Christmas Eve, when you are tucked up in bed!

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