Treasure Hunt

Thu 21st September 2017 at 5.15 pm - 9.00 pm

Rotary & Inner Wheel Treasure Hunt

  • 2017 Winners were The Cherokees lead by Ken Shipman

  • Starts in the lay-by just outside Millom as you go towards Broughton (as last year)
  • Charge of £1.00 per person in the car.
  • Proceeds to prizes (and if surplus) club funds/charity.
  • We’re hoping for 4 to a car (it makes spotting easier) - Rotarians + Inner Wheel + friends and neighbours
  • Starting between 5.15 / 5.30 pm (staggered start).
  • Finishing at 7.30pm (you will have an instruction which reads "If it reaches 7.15 go straight to Brockwood").
  • Meal at the end at Brockwood
  • Papers marked whilst meal is eaten.
  • Route to be foolproof (!) if you miss a clue you'll know that you have and continue on a pre-determined route.
  • We have an engraved trophy won by Sue Gibson last year.

Numbers to Carole please