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President 2020-21 - Lester Kennedy

I am honoured to have been elected as President of Ashford Rotary Club for the new Rotary Year.  I succeed Robin Taylor who achieved so much during his year.  On behalf of Club members, and those people who have benefited from his work, I would like to say, “Well done, Robin and thank you.”

Our primary focus is serving communities, local, national and international. We aim to make a real difference and to help transform lives.  During the next year we will continue to raise funds to support charities and other organisations, and to engage with them in their activities.  

The year will see us undertake a new and exciting venture to raise money.  Details of this will emerge in the near future and we hope local communities will give their wholehearted support.

In addition we would like to see more people engage with Rotary.  Most people have heard of Rotary but have little insight about who we are, what we do and how we help others.  We aim to change that.  To that end Ashford Rotary Club will be raising its profile and trying to attract new members from all age groups.  

There are many people who would like to get involved in charitable or voluntary work but they haven’t considered Rotary as a way to do that.  So we are inviting you to contact us, to come along to see us and hopefully become a member.  You will get a warm welcome.  We are a diverse and friendly group of people who have fun doing what we do.  Give it a try.

Members of Ashford Rotary Club have commitment, passion and enthusiasm for what we do so I know this will be an amazing year.

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