Savealife capsules

These capsules are designed to contain pills for use in an emergency or your regular dose. They are also suitable for other small items eg a rolled-up bank note, spare hearing aid batteries etc. A snip at £3 each or 4 for £10

A Savealife capsule


In medical emergencies, the advice is to dial 999 immediately then

take an appropriate medication to improve your chances, but not to go looking for it!.

Good advice, but who carries the appropriate medication with them?

With a Savealife capsule, YOU CAN! 

Put it on your key ring and you'll have it when you need it

Robust, damp-proof and neat.

Useful and unobtrusive on your keyring, in your handbag etc.

We are selling these

for only £3 each or £10 for a pack of 4

Proceeds from this project will go to Rotary supported charities.

Our first goal is to provide publicly accessible defibrillators in  WGC town centre.

Rotary clubs who would like to sell these capsules as a fundraiser, 

please contact John Walton via this website for further details.

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