Global Sight Solutions

Restoring Sight to Millions in the Developing World

Global Sight Solutions strives to make blindness history.  Its main focus is the setting up of Specialist Eye Hospitals in areas of need.  It also invests in Eye Buses to transport patients to its clinics.  Because nearly all involved are volunteers or medical professionals sympathetic to the aims of Global Sight Solutions, a complete cataract operation service can be provided in India, Africa and other parts of the developing world for just £15!  Incredibly, grants can often be obtained which drives the cost of provision to an unbelievable £5.  It is Global Sight Solutions' proud boast therefore that for a donation of just £15 we can solve critical sight problems and often enable the blind to see again!  With the added bonus of a grant, just £5 can enable the blind to see again!  

Global Sight Solutions is registered in the UK under the name of The Rotary Club of Guildford Eye Project, charity number 1127630, and is known within Rotary International Britain and Ireland as The Guildford Rotary Eye Project.

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