The Music Man Project

Inspirational Opportunities for Musicians with a Learning Disability

The Music Man Project is the UK's first full-time music education service specifically for children and adults with learning disabilities.  It was founded in South Essex by former Deputy Head Teacher David Stanley whose aim was to access the innate musicality in everyone, regardless of their learning difficulty or special educational need.  David's approach centres on education, enjoyment and performance through the teaching of his original music at special schools, colleges, care homes, weekly music schools and daily adult classes in the community.  

The Music Man Project develops the musical instinct that lies within us all to instil confidence, self-esteem and as a vehicle for joy and emotional expression.  The musical outcomes are presented to the public in large-scale performances as a way of educating the wider society about what people with disabilities can do rather than what they need.  David Stanley campaigns for equal opportunities for musicians with learning disabilities to perform at the most prestigious concert venues and high-profile events.  Tickets for their next major performance at the Royal Albert Hall are on sale now.  

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