Around the world Rotary runs a number of Youth Programmes.

Rotary members are People of Action and one of Rotary’s leading commitments is to offer young people the opportunity to develop their skills and broaden their horizons. We change the lives of thousands of young people each year, through a number of programmes.

Many of our members began their Rotary journey as Rotaractors and our children have grown up helping out with many of our community and fundraising events.

Rotary runs national youth competitions in a range of creative fields give young people the chance to showcase their talents and win some amazing prizes.

Other activity schemes such as Rotary Youth Leadership help young people learn not only about themselves, but the world around them. Over the years we have sponsored (paid for) a number of people to attend the RYLA programme run by our District (1260) and we’ve been really pleased to support them in this way.

As a club we’re actively involved in the local Rotary Technology Tournament, led by our member Alison, and assisted by other club members and their partners or colleagues acting as judges as well as helping out on the day.

Rotary Technology Tournaments are designed for secondary school pupils aged 11-16. Teams of pupils, have to solve an interactive technology-based task and are required to design, develop and build a solution with the materials supplied. Tournaments culminate in the testing session when teams demonstrate their best solution to the task and can observe the efforts of competing teams. The tournament is judged by Rotary members and guests with backgrounds in engineering, technology and design.