Rotary Becket's Annual Karting Day Report & Results

Rotary Becket put on another successful Karting Event on 1st May and raised £1,200 for local good causes


Report & Results

We held the annual charity karting grand prix at Whilton Mill circuit on May 2 2019 at 6pm -9.30pm. I have not kept a record of every event but I think this must be around the 20th.   A pre-race discussion with Farmer Roger acknowledged the fact that I took park in his first 'grass track race' around 1991 well before he built the big circuit which is now acknowledged as one of the best proper kart racing circuits in the UK.  Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

This event is a big step up from the indoor racing that people experience.Its bigger and it’s a lot faster!  The run off areas are also bigger! The Enduro type race format we use means it’s a single 2 hour race with driver changes and each team managing their own driver stints.  For most people a 15 minute stint at full chat is pretty demanding physically unless you are used to it so it often involves 4 drivers doing 2 sessions each.

This year we had 13 teams starting on the grid which is slightly down on previous years. With hindsight we picked a difficult date sandwiched into the short week between the Spring bank holiday and Easter.  We will learn.

The weather was wet when the teams went out for their 30 minute practice session and they were sliding all over the place as of course we do not have the luxury of wet weather tyres!  It was with some trepidation that the starter let them set off on the 2 hour race at around 7.20pm.

However, the gods were with us and while storm clouds threatened for most of the 2 hours not a drop of rain fell on the circuit, so by halfway the circuit was dry - very dry. Lap times came tumbling down and we saw probably the best lap times we have seen on any event over the years with 10 teams getting their best lap times under 48 seconds. Really good and everyone should take a bow.

Winners this year were the team from David Smith Associates. David is one of our Rotary members and regular supporter but this was certainly his best moment to date.  We are just never going to hear the last of it! Very well done David and team. 

It was close though with just 28 seconds back to the Fusion Team and a further 11 seconds back to Tommo's Trio.  It has been closer in the past (memory tells me of a 3 kart finish with around 3 seconds from 1st to 3rd) but this has to be the next closest.

Clearly the teams do tend to include the occasional 'selected' driver and this year was no doubt.  This year included one young driver fresh from a top level European Championship win in Belgium a few weeks back!  However for the vast majority of drivers this was a special night out doing something different and the good drivers lift the standard of the rest.

Thank you all very much for your support which raised over £1200 which goes into supporting our Rotary Club small local charity work over the year.  See our website for more details on what Rotary Becket does.

Download the Race Results HERE

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