Benefits of Membership

If you want to share your skills, experience or enthusiasm for the benefit of your local community, in a social and friendly way, our club is for you.


Why Join?

Here are the reasons that our current members give for being a Rotarian in Sevenoaks:

'I enjoy being able to help people when they are most in need ' (Business Mentor)

'I like to use my writing skills to sell books and raise money for charity' (Newspaper Editor)

'I feel great doing something that I enjoy, whilst also knowing it is doing something for others too' (Property Manager and Marathon Runner)

'I have met so many interesting people, far and wide, through Rotary. When I visit other clubs, I am made to feel at home, with like minded people and a drink in my hand' (Metal and Mineral Trader)

'I have always been involved in my community, for work and pleasure, and Rotary membership has really helped me continue this over the years' (Diplomat)  

But don't take our word for it. Find out for yourself by contacting our Membership Officer below.

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