Hope Centre & Corona virus food

The Rotary Club of Northampton Becket has donated £1000 to the Hope Centre in Northampton. District 1070 has match-funded it with another £1000 and this money is going to buy desperately needed food for families struggling during the lockdown.

The food parcel label used in the food packages going to needy families. It shows the Rotary logo, sponsors names, and social media pins.
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During the Covid-19 lockdown, the Rotary Club of Northampton Becket has not been able to meet at the Overstone Golf Course. They have also had to relinquish their traditional Full English Breakfast during this period - unless they could muster something up in the kitchen.

The members have to pay for their Rotary capitation fees, a few other club expenses, but of course, have to pay for their breakfasts. The Club agreed to refund members costs for breakfasts while they were not receiving breakfast. Unsurprisingly most of the club members donated the money from the breakfasts to the Club Trust Fund. Of course, together with money that the Club had put aside for the crisis allowed the Club to apply for a District 1070 district foundation grant. After successfully winning the grant the Club now has the opportunity to meaningfully purchase food.

The Hope Centre is a major contributor to the health of the Northampton community. They go much further than just feeding the homeless. The Hope Centre is also sending out food parcels to needy families. There is now a waiting list for such families and the list being fed is already in the hundreds. The donated food from Northampton Becket will be sent out as soon as possible. The Hope Centre does receive food from the Northampton community from good-hearted citizens. Unfortunately, many donors do not give the kind of food that can be distributed to these needy families (out of use-by-dates; catering sizes; too much pasta/baked beans/junk food; or are clearly cupboard clear-outs). If anyone is interested in donating food or cash to Rotary Club Northampton Becket for use at the Hope Centre or would like to donate directly, please contact Becket using the contact page above.

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