Rotary Club of Medway Non-Event

Thu 5th November 2020 at 10.45 am - Fri 5th November 2021 - 12.45 pm

A spectacular Non-Event Cabaret Dinner to raise funds for Holding On Letting Go, a charity to support bereaved children.


Medway Rotary HOLG Non-Event 


I’m writing to invite you NOT to attend a Medway Rotary Charitable Non-Event.  A Spectacular Cabaret Dinner to raise funds for Holding On Letting Go. 


This charity supports bereaved children in coming to terms with their loss, supporting them and reducing the chance of mental illness through the post traumatic effects of their experience.  


The cost of one ticket is only £10 which will provide each child with a teddy bear and the opportunity for all children to attend a support bereavement weekend, from the balance of your ticket price.  Each weekend costs £1,000 to organise and run.  The attachment to this invitation gives further information. 


Just Imagine, buying tickets for this non-event means: 

No unwanted expenses                       No Taxi fares  

No baby sitters                                     No expensive drinks  

              No raffle tickets                                   No bidding and silent auctions  


Also, there’ll be no arguments about what to wear, unless you wish to invite family and friends to celebrate with you on a date you choose.  This could be Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Year or even Valentine’s Day.  

Fund raising is difficult in these very challenging times and we look forward to your support for the children of Holding On Letting Go.  


You can purchase your ticket/s by logging on to the following link: 

Why not send a photograph if you decide to celebrate with friends and family. A prize will be given for the most unique and entertaining snap.  Send your pictures by email to: together with your name, address  and consent to show or circulate your picture on social media. 


Thank you,  



Pamela Underwood