Speaker - Jenny Miller on PAMIS

Tue, Oct 5th 2021 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Reception - Marilyn Rowan Rhind

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Members were given an insight into the charity PAMIS, which works with people who have profound and multiple learning disabilities.
Jenny Miller, chief executive officer of PAMIS, explained that the charity’s aim was to ensure that people with PMLD were valued as contributors to society and should receive the support needed to participate fully in everyday life.
PAMIS offers practical help, advice and information and support to individuals and carer families.
The charity, with its head office in Dundee and other branches in Fife, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Tayside and Grampian, also provides assistance to achieving better access to community resources and bids to influence policy at local and national levels.
PAMIS was formed in 1992 and has developed several services and projects.
As well as family support, the charity has highlighted the need for understanding postural care and inclusive communication. It has promoted a care digital passport, a document with all the information about a person with PMLD, which means details can be easily shared by families and health professionals.
PAMIS provides families with adapted accommodation in a caravan at Haggerstown Castle Park in Berwickshire and at a coach house in Aberfeldy.
The organisation has long campaigned for better facilities and Jenny said there are now 250 specially adapted toilets in Scotland. These are extra-spacious and allow two carers using specialised equipment in situ to help with personal care needs. One of the newest has recently opened in St Andrews beside the Bruce Embankment car park.
The charity also provides workshop and training sessions and online help for families while also campaigning for what Jenny said was a small but marginalised group of people.
She showed a film about the charity’s work which included pieces from some of the inspirational carers who had received support from PAMIS.
Praising the incredible work of the organisation, Fiona Roger proposed a vote of thanks.