Tips for Safer Driving No.3

Introducing the New Highway Code to keep you and other road users safe.

Older Drivers Forum for Gloucestershire is Nailsworth Rotary’s commitment to the community to lobby and bring awareness around older drivers and vulnerable road users. Each month we will give you tips on how to keep safe on our rural road of Gloucestershire.

The NEW Highway Code came into effect on 29th January 2022. It has thirty-three updates but more importantly two new laws. If you have not had a new Highway Code in a while this one is worth downloading as an App, getting regular updates and handy if you are unsure about a road law. Alternatively buy a hard copy and keep it in the car (of course having read beforehand.) Two of the most important changes are:

·    "Hierarchy of road users". This to make sure that those that can cause the most harm bear the “greatest responsibility. What does this mean?

The hierarchy will be in order of priority, with the most vulnerable first: pedestrians, then cyclists, horse riders, motorcyclists, cars/taxis, vans/minibuses, with large passenger and heavy goods vehicles bearing the greater responsibility.

·    Pedestrians will have priority on pavements and at zebra crossings. This new rule makes it clear that all road users should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road into which, or out of which, they are turning.

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