Tips for Safer Driving No.1

Your Winter Driving Checklist

Older Drivers Forum for Gloucestershire is Nailsworth Rotary’s commitment to the community to lobby and bring awareness around older drivers and vulnerable road users’ safety.

As the evenings get darker and the change in the clocks alters our sleep pattern accident rates on the roads raise by 19%, so here is your Winter Driving Checklist.

·      Are all your lights working and are they properly adjusted?

·      Are your tyre pressures correct and do the tyres have sufficient tread?

·      Do your wiper blades clear the screen without smears?

·      Is the windscreen fluid topped up?

·      Are your windscreens clean, inside as well as out?

·      Have you got a can of de-icer and an ice scrapper?

·      Do you have a torch and a fluorescent bib?

·      Ask your garage to check your battery?

If you have a smart phone download the What3Words app. This app identifies your location by three words. You can then give these to the emergency or recovery services if you need help. This is particularly helpful on rural roads with few obvious landmarks.

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