Tips for Safer Driving No. 6

Renewing your Driving Licence at 70

Older Drivers Forum for Gloucestershire is Nailsworth Rotary’s commitment to increasing the level of awareness around older drivers’ and vulnerable road users’ safety. This month’s tip is on renewing your driving licence at 70.

There are landmarks in life, and renewing a driving licence at 70 is one of them.  I was told, and the media would have you believe, that the DVLA are not on top of things. So, I researched the how’s well in advance.

The earliest that one can renewal one’s driving license is 90 days before your 70th birthday. I diarised this but two days later I received the official renewal in the post. (everything you need to know is there). Renewal can be done on-line, BUT you need to have all your ‘ducks in a row’: your current licence, your passport, your National Insurance number and any medical documents you might need.

Go to the DVLA website: and please, please do not go to the ones offering to do this for you and making a charge. They are not scams; you just do not need to pay.

Think very honestly about your eyesight and medical conditions. Check with your GP for conditions that need to be reported also to your insurance company - currently there are 183 such conditions and if not reported could result in a fine of up to £1000 in the event of an accident and invalidate your insurance. Refresh your knowledge of the Highway Code, remembering that there have been major changes recently -

So, I did all of the above and, to my surprise, was told that my new licence would arrive in two weeks, and it did! I must admit that I have no medical complications, which does simplify things. The most difficult part of the whole process was cutting up my existing licence and posting the bits back to the DVLA.

More help can be found at

The next Older Drivers Forum Zoom will be on 14th May. If you would like to listen or take part in this please apply to

Next month’s Tip will be: Medical Conditions and Dementia.

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