President's Lunch

Sun 31st July 2011 at 12.00 am - 2.00 am

New President Jim Hickman's president's lunch at Chevenage House

The President's Lunch, with an Irish theme to promote the clubs visit to Ireland to ascend Croagh Patrick in May 2012 (see Events), was a most enjoyable occasion at Chavenage House in Gloucestershire.

It started with pre-lunch drinks on the lawn in bright sunshine, well organised Mr President. The excellent buffet meal was followed by a drop of Irish Mist. On the tables was a gift for the ladies of a glass of Guinness made up of brown chocolate coated raisins topped with white yogurt coated bananas. Each glass contained two symbols of Ireland, a leprechaun and a "Mind-me-Angel" from Blarney!

Chavenage is the family home of David Lowsley-Williams and family. The Lowsley-Williams have owned and lived in the house for over a hundred years.

Following the lunch we were given an amusing guided tour of Chavenage House by a family member living in the house. She told us about the ghost of Chavenage, how a portfolio of drawings of Windsor Castle with the monogram of George IV was discovered and how the house is used for weddings and films. A most interesting visit made more so by the relaxed atmosphere of a lived in family home.