Rotary in Gloucester Community Awards 2018

The aim of the Community Awards programme is to support organisations within the city area with a small grant which ‘will make a real difference’. This is a small grants programme with awards of up to a maximum of £500.

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Rotary in Gloucester Community Awards are organised by the four Rotary Clubs in the city – Gloucester, Rotary@Kingsholm, Gloucester Severn, and Gloucester Quays.

 The aim of the Community Awards programme is to support organisations within the city area with a small grant which ‘will make a real difference’.  This is a small grants programme with awards of up to a maximum of £500.

 2018 is the fourth year of this small grants programme and we have been greatly encouraged by the way small injections of cash have made a real and lasting differences to the running of community organisations in the city.

 What is “ Rotary in Gloucester “ ?

  In Gloucester there are four Rotary Clubs which are members of the worldwide network of 1.2 million members in 35,727 clubs operating in 200 countries throughout the world. In the UK there are 1,750 Clubs   Rotary consists of inspired men and women who translate their passions into relevant social causes, to improve lives in communities.  The four Rotary Clubs in Gloucester are working together to provide small grants for local community projects.

 Rotary’s mission is simply to serve others; to give something back; to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace by utilising the skills, talents and energy of our members collectively.

·         We want to bring about positive change in our neighbourhoods by fostering and building strong communities

·         We want to provide opportunities that will improve lives

·         We want to help eradicate poverty, hunger and preventable disease across the world

 Our motto, Service Above Self, exemplifies the humanitarian spirit of Rotary members worldwide – to serve the community and put its needs before the member’s own.

For more information about the four Rotary Clubs in Gloucester, please see the following websites:



Gloucester Severn:

Gloucester Quays:

 or search Google: “Gloucester Rotary 602”; Rotary@Kingsholm; Gloucester Severn Rotary; Gloucester Quays Rotary.

 Community Award Application criteria

 The total amount of funding that the 4 Rotary Clubs are likely to have available for this Awards programme is approximately £10,000.00.

 The maximum award to any one organisation is £500 and no application will be considered to be too small.

 Priority will be given to projects promoted by small groups / organisations that:

·         Offer value for money by involving a good number of beneficiaries


·         Work with vulnerable or disadvantaged children or adults


·         Work in a deprived Gloucester community

 Applications for salaries will not be considered.


 The funding is open to registered charities, voluntary organisations and community groups whose work benefits local residents or communities in the City. The organisation does not necessarily have to be office based in the City.

 Application Process and Submission

 ·         Interested groups/organisations should complete the attached application form and return by 5.00pm, Thursday 19th April 2018.

Click here for the application form

·         Applicants will need to provide a copy of their latest accounts/financial statement and a copy of their constitution / governing document.

o   NOTE:- Failure to enclose either or both of these documents would disqualify the application

·         Please do not enclose any additional paperwork – we will contact you if any other documents are required

·         If you have any queries about this programme or the completing the application form, please contact   07541 356921

·         Your completed application should ideally be returned by email to:


·         Or if posting send to:-

o   The Rotary Community Awards, 130 Estcourt Road, Gloucester, GL1 3LH

 Assessment and Decision Making

 1.      Applications will be logged on receipt and checked for their eligibility to apply

2.      Applications will then be assessed by a panel from all 4 Rotary Clubs

3.      Successful applicants will be notified by 25 May 2018 and be invited to attend a meeting to celebrate the awards on Friday 15 June 2018.  This event will be held at The Wall’s Club, Hammond Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, GL4.3HG starting promptly at 12.15 pm

4.      Successful applicants agree to use the Rotary logo on publicity and promotion for their project and to submit a report on progress/impact of the project

 The decision of the Rotary Clubs will be final and no correspondence will be entered into whatsoever.


'What We Do' Main Pages:

For this initiative we work with, and help, asylum seekers and refugees from across the world currently residing in or around Gloucester learning the English spoken language


Walk all 102 miles of the beautiful Cotswold Way National Trail in one day? Yes you can! See how you can take part in Rotary@Kingsholm’s annual challenge, enjoy a great day out and raise valuable funds for the charity of your choice.


Each year nurses from overseas come to work in Gloucester. Rotary@Kingsholm has organised a series of events to welcome them to our county. Click on details to read more and see what we have organised.


Donation to Gloucester Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) for additional support required due to pressures of the coronavirus lockdown. GDASS’s aim is to reduce level of domestic abuse and improve safety of victims and their families.


Rotary@Kingsholm pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II for all the pleasure she has given us during her life of service


Roots Community Café working with Kingsholm School to provide free meals to vulnerable families in the immediate Kingsholm area.


Since formation, the club, formerly known as Gloucester North, has gone from strength to strength. We hope to celebrate with a formal dinner, and will use the year to raise our profile in a variety of imaginative ways. Watch this space for more details.


The aim of the Community Awards programme is to support organisations within the city area with a small grant which ‘will make a real difference’. This is a small grants programme with awards of up to a maximum of £500.


Donation to Saint Oswald’s Church which is working working with Coney Hill Junior School to provide food meal boxes to vulnerable families in Coney Hill


Rotary@Kingsholm has discovered that Gloucester City as only 3 accessible defibrillators. This is the lowest number in the country. A new defibrillator costs about £2200. Our aim during the next 12 months is to raise enough money to double that number.


Rotary National Youth Competitions provide young people with the opportunity to develop their skills, the platform to showcase their exceptional talents and the chance to win some amazing prizes.


Sadly Santa can’t see you before Christmas at Sainsbury’s or Tesco this year as he's in lockdown in Lapland. However don't worry as he’ll see you all on the night. At the moment the elves from Rotary@Kingsholm are busy helping him. Happy Christmas


Longfield Hospice provides end of life support at home to reduce the demand on NHS beds. Recognising how It is vital that the hospice continues its work to help vulnerable people in need, we were happy to make a donation to their funds.