Cotswold Way in a Day Walk 2018 - Sunday 3 June

Walk all 102 miles of the beautiful Cotswold Way National Trail in one day? Yes you can! See how you can take part in Rotary@Kingsholm’s annual challenge, enjoy a great day out and raise valuable funds for the charity of your choice.

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The Cotswold Way in a Day Challenge

The Cotswold Way is a National Trail extending over 102 miles along the edge of the Cotswold scarp from Chipping Campden in the north to Bath in the south.  It is arguably the most beautiful long distance walks in the country.

Most people who walk the Cotswold Way will tackle it over a week or more, but Rotary@Kingsholm have developed a team challenge to walk the entire 102 miles in just one day by dividing the walk into ten sections ranging from 9 to 11 miles in length and running the event as ten separate guided walks.  

“Cotswold Way in a Day” is an annual event open to any charitable organization or fundraising group wishing to meet the logistical and physical challenge, enjoy the experience of walking the Cotswold Way while raising funds for causes or charities of their own choosing.

Arrangements for the Day

The day begins with most walkers and supporters gathering at the Hatherley Manor Hotel outside Gloucester where they can enjoy an optional breakfast.  Each of the ten walking groups will be brought together and transported to their respective start locations along the route from where they set out under the guidance of the lead Rotarian.  After completing their sections, the walkers are brought back to Hatherley Manor where teams and their supporters come together again to receive completion certificates and swap stories and can round off the day with a Pig Roast Supper for everyone involved together with other family and friends. 

The special feature of this event is that each participating team chooses the charity or good cause for which they will raise funds.

Above all else, we guarantee a fun and rewarding day.

Ways to participate

A participating team can be as small as four people walking one or two sections or as large as 20 or more who can spread themselves over all ten legs so, as a team, complete the whole walk in a single day.  A team will comprise walkers, some of whom it is expected will have vehicles and be able to help with transport on the day, and non-walking support drivers.

Rotary@Kingsholm will coordinate transport and meeting arrangements and provide leaders to guide walkers on each of 10 legs covering the length of the Cotswold.  We will also provide maps and emergency back up support and all participants will be provided with a safety briefing and guidance on kit requirements.

Additional Information

If you are considering entering a team, there are a number of leaflets that might help you decide.

Of general interest

  1. Click on Cotswold Way in a Day for a 3-fold leaflet about the walk.  This could be useful to send to people who just want an idea of what it is all about.

  1.  Click on The Walk for a descriptive leaflet that outlines each of the ten legs of the walk – intended to help the team organiser and walkers decide which legs they would like to cover.

  2. Click on Walker Safety and Comfort for guidance for all walkers on equipment etc. they should aim to have on the walk for their own comfort and safety.  

Of specific interest to a team organiser

  1. Click on Information for Prospective Entrants for a leaflet that gives more detail on the arrangements for the walk and is of primary interest to the person who is organising a team entry

  2. Click on How to Enter for a leaflet intended for team organisers to guide them through our 2-part entry procedure as covered by the forms – “Team Registration” and “Team Entry”.  An additional form “Participant Personal Information” needs to be completed by or on behalf of each person walking or driving.  Dates by which we need everything and arrangements for paying entry fees and for meals etc. are also included in the “How to Enter” leaflet.

We hope that you are interested in entering the 2018 Cotswold Way in a Day Walk

Please contact Ian Glendenning at if you have any questions and to request Team Registration and Team Entry forms.